Monday, December 4, 2017

The Great December Talkbox

December is here, and boy am I refreshed and relaxed after hosting my entire family over Thanksgiving.

LOL JK, I'm actually one-crusty-plate-left-in-a-bathroom away from snapping like a twig and unleashing the seven hells upon this world in a path of destruction that Kim Jong Un's fat, swollen brain can't even fathom.

Which means I'm still busy, and likely to be even busier during December than I was in the last 2 weeks. Work. Birthdays. More time with family. Plus, there's another holiday coming up (something about a barn baby and a fat man that breaks into your house). Also, I'm still working on my huge, insanely ambitious project, which I plan to finally announce on January 1st*.

*Note: for those who asked, it's not another book. I'd feel like a complete asshole if I put this much hype into just writing another book, which is neither insane nor highly ambitious.

Thus my lack of color today. And lack of a real subject. I've got nothing to really talk about. So instead, while I keep slugging along on setting up this project, I'd rather just talk to you.

Yeah, you. I mean, it beats trying to talk to random people on the Internet.

And I don't know if chatrooms even exist anymore, being as how it's not 1998, but I'm too scared to find one of those. Too many weirdos.

So for now, I'm limiting myself to comment boxes, where Godwin's law hopefully does not apply. I may not be posting a whole lot for this month, but I'll be around. Drop me a comment or two. Stay in touch. Tell me what you're doing. Give me a fun fact. Tell me a joke. Or let me know if you're working on any epic, insanely ambitious projects of your own.

I'll be back with a quick post around Christmas, in which I'll share this year's Christmas card. I'm hoping it's even better than last year's gem.

So... what's new?

Cheers and stay talkative, friends,

Music: Trevor Something
Beer: Modelo Negra