Wednesday, March 22, 2017

#27 - Hahahaha OMG I'm Dying LOLOLOL

I mean, yeah, you're probably bleeding out a little in your dungeon basement prison, but let's not act like you're literally dying, you big exaggerator.

So hey, don't be afraid to be honest. As amateur webcomic artists who also double as Internet users, we totally understand. When someone says, "I sniffled under my breath in laughter at this comic," we take that as a huge compliment, because that really means something!

And so there's no need to tell us that you sprayed your monitor and your keyboard and your next door neighbor with vomitous, coffee-splattered, open-mouthed donkey braying, because that doesn't sound like a compliment. That sounds horrifying.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#26 - Always Consult Your Doctor

Hey, with health insurance costing as much as $1,000 per month for a plan with a $10,000 deductible, sometimes you just have to go to someone like "Doctor" Madam Zelda instead. For only $9.99 we learned the sex of the baby, and according to her in-office tarot reading we also learned that Brandon Jr. (name pending) "will have an encounter with a mysterious stranger that will result in life altering events." I mean, how neat is that?

So you heard the Magic 8-Ball! It's a boy! And the Magic 8-Ball never lies (except when it does).

Now you should probably congratulate Brandon. Which is weird, because when you say, "Congratulations!" on it being a boy, that's kind of like saying "Ugh, thank GOD it's not a girl."

And that's downright sexist and intolerant of you. So now that I've painted you into a corner, good luck on coming up with something to comment below.

Note: While we're both incredibly busy with real life, we hope you don't mind this blog being more lazy web-comic based until we can free up more time. And if you do mind... one of us is having a baby and the other is creating the next American pop star, so cut us some slack, yeah?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#24 - The Hipster OG

Sorry for the lack of a full post today, folks. I'm busy planning a birthday for someone who's preparing to turn 94 years young. Most of that preparation is just finding things that won't kill her (20 people jumping out and yelling 'SURPRISE!', or having a stripper pop out of a cake, etc.), but it's still keeping me too busy to spare more than a quick toon. See you next time!

No, I'm not 7 feet tall, but I'll be damned if Grandma doesn't make me look it by standing beside her