Tutorial: How to Properly Shower With Your Beer

       So you want to enjoy a nice cold beer in the shower, but don't know the proper ettiquette. That's okay, folks. We're here to help. Let's throw out some options.

1. The shower caddy
Don't drink the Head and Shoulders, k? That shit burns.
           You can always utilize the shower caddy. However, it must be a fairly big shower caddy. Big enough, anyway, to not seep shower water into your precious, precious beer. We're drinking Sam Adams, not Keystone Light (the water of beers). No water allowed.

Great, you might as well be drinking a Coors Light with all that water drowning out your beer. Never do this.
                As a warning, depending on how drunk you are, you run the risk of drinking your shampoo or soap, so Always Shower Responsibly(TM).
                Speaking of soap,don't forget the soap dish. This is an equally terrible place to put your beer.

               Let's face it, this thing already makes you look like an asshole when you try to reach for your soap and the bar just slips off. You want the same thing happening to your beer? This sweet liquid of the gods is for your mouth, not for the drain. Never put your beer here either.
          So where else can you put your beer? Well, unless you want to wash yourself with one hand, you have to be creative. If you don't care about looking classless (which is already thrown out the window now that you're drinking beer in the shower), there's the infamous beer on the toilet trick.

2. The toilet tank

          What? You're not drinking OUT of the toilet. You're just using it as a big porcelain coaster. As long as you don't lick the bottom of the bottle like a retard, you're going to be fine.
             Ultimately, how you shower with a beer depends completely on your bathroom/shower setup. All we can say is that creativity goes a long way. Especially if you want to reach for a really, really cold beer, but don't want it to get warmed up by your hot shower. How do I do it? I accomplish this by utilizing what makes us different from the animals, the ability to make and use tools.

3. Cardboard beer stand

               The ever classy cardboard box stand, with an empty Kleenex box full of ice. Judge all you want, but the beer stays cold, and the shower stays nice and toasty warm.