About Us

Who we are:

This MSPaint blog/webcomic is run by a pair of fraternal, non-related twins consisting of Bryan and Brandon. Bryan is from just outside of Denver, Colorado and has never left because of a fear of the unknown, and Brandon was once from Denver, Colorado but moved to Chicago, Illinois to pursue his life long dream of getting shot by gang members. He soon returned to Colorado.

Both brothers are writers, and between the two, they've completed 46 short stories (40 from Brandon, 2 from Bryan, 4 collaborative) and 7 novels, a good half of which are readable. When they aren't penning collaborative novels together--they've completed two and are currently starting a third--you can find them throttling their livers at the local bar, posting politically incorrect webcomics, or indulging in one of life's greatest victories, a beer in the shower (separately, we assure you--get your mind out of the gutter).

When we post:

The blog is updated every Monday, and post quality varies depending on level of intoxication.

7 cool facts about Brandon and Bryan:

1. Rather than yell at telemarketers, Bryan will play songs on the phone for them, using the buttons, until they hang up. Usually only takes a minute or two.

Seriously. See below.

2. Brandon enjoys going to the theater (or theatre, for you Brits/classy folk), because as all straight males, he has an appreciation for fine theatre and finds ways to correlate it with his life.

3. If someone gives Bryan a hideously ugly shirt, he will force himself to wear it at least once, so he doesn't feel like an ungrateful asshole.

4. Brandon once went through an embarrassing Jersey Shore phase that we choose not to talk about anymore.

5. Bryan is terminally unemployed, but back when he had a job, his boss was a 50's style greaser, one of his coworkers was a man that was married to two women at once (they didn't know, and still don't), and another of his coworkers was a male to female transgender--surgery and all. She's very convincing, though, and though I joke about this, she's a really nice and cool person!

6. Brandon's fiance isn't a real person. She's actually just a broom with a bad Farrah Fawcett wig.

7. Bryan draws all of these crappy MSPaint comics with nothing more than the stupid little clitoris looking mouse-nub on his laptop.

Awards and Accolades:

Bryan has a short story entitled 'Working Woman' that you can find published through The Indie Chicks. Read it by clicking the button below.

Brandon and Bryan both are proud supporters of The Indie Chicks and you should be too. Worry not, these aren't the 'kick your ass, we hate men' type of ladies, these are the 'let's all go have beers and be awesome' kind of ladies.

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