Monday, August 24, 2015

Closed for Editing This Week

Hey all! Good news/bad news.

The good news: we just finished our newest novel, which we personally think is the greatest piece of literature we've ever collaborated on. It's gut-bustingly hysterical, it's dripping with political satire, and it's brimming with action the likes of which you've never seen before (such as a sex-fight, a Segway chase, and assassination by way of taco... just to name a few).

The bad news: we need to divert our attention from drawing silly comics while we polish it up and send it off to our agent. So we got nuthin' for you this week.

Comments will be closed for this week's post. No need to tell us we suck. We already know. But we can either bring you a half-assed comic we didn't have time to slap together anyway or we can focus on finishing up the best novel we've ever written. Yeah, we pick door #2.

We'll see you next week with an especially awesome post about our childhood pal's batshit crazy, negligent mom who hated us with a fiery passion... for no reason whatsoever. Be here or... don't be here. But preferably be here.