Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cockamamie Idears

I apologize for the sparse posting on my end these last couple weeks. I tend to fall off the face of the planet when I get too many writing projects rolling at once. I’m sort of like those two fat ladies who used to host that cooking show...Two Fat Ladies. Once the stove is crammed full of brewing concoctions, the sherry bottle makes an appearance and my skull starts to feel like two blabbering fat women have taken up residence between my ears. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. Those hefty muses are excellent cooks. And if I’m lucky I can digest a nice chunk of their delicious goodies with my typewriter before it all goes to shit.

Anyway, things have been busy, but it’s all for the good. Bryan and I are back in gear with our new novel manuscript, the bills are more or less getting paid on time, and neither of us has managed to catch fire once today.

So, in these long days and late nights, what keeps me going? Besides the IV drip of French Roast, and the occasional pint of ale, I rely on a steady diet of guitar strings, bass rhythms and synthesizers to keep me alive. A steady beat is pretty much the only thing that prevents me from collapsing into that big fat dirt nap. Sort of like Bernie from that tropical cinematic turd of the early 90’s, Weekend at Bernie’s 2. But, you know, minus all the voodoo and shitty scripting.

What kinds of music, you ask? Well, barring bagpipe riffs, piccolo solos, Kenny G, and the ever popular moonshine jug, you’ll find a wide smattering of genres and sounds on my iPod. From Mozart to Method Man, Weird Al to Warren Zevon, and Buckcherry to Bonnie Raitt, listening to my iPod on shuffle is like playing Russian Roulette. Only everyone’s a winner. Except for you, Grateful Dead. You still suck. But you bring back many fond and hazy memories of college, so you lot get to keep your green cards.

What do you all listen to? Suggestions? If you’re a Pandora user, dropkick that mofo and cruise over to Last.fm.


Beer: Sam Adams Boston Lager
Music: The Beatles

              "Rigorwhatis? Pssh...you and your scientific mumbo jumbo. Just drive the fucking boat man."


  1. I basically listen to everything but I don't like pop music like lady gaga lol

  2. I've grown quite fond of sitting in Sihk temples and listening to elderly gentlemen reading the book of Guru Nanak. Once you do that for 329 hours, music just doesn't sound as appealing.

  3. good on ya for gettin some writs dun...

    currently i am listening to the tv. the losers is on HBO...

    so soundtracks to comics (graficasnovelas) made into movies.

    oh and i am drinking cheap canadian whiskey and water...


    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  4. you got a problem with the fucking moonshine jug, buddy? huh? it's a proud family tradition, THANKS.

    my favorite sound in the world is that of henry rollins' sleek hip flexors bouncing off my ass as my head pounds into the floorboards. but when that's not readily available, i like a mix of good punk/hardrock music. it keeps my anger fresh and keeps me perpetually on the brink of carnage and violence.

    dead kennedys
    suicidal tendencies
    nine inch nails
    marilyn manson
    sex pistols
    revolting cocks

  5. I have really weird music tastes, its hard to pin it down. I like ska, elctro, some dubstep, elctronica, hip-hop, rap, indie rock, and more!
    Top 5:
    Reel Big Fish
    Kid Cudi
    The Medic Droid
    We Are Sceintists

  6. At the moment its a lot of Mr.Cash with Hurt, The Man comes around, Hurt, The Mercy Seat, Hurt, Ring of Fire, Hurt.....you see where this is going, I'm more depressed than Das Aoto! in the Sikh temple.

  7. Radioheads new album is on constant replay with me at the moment

  8. Early 2000's hip hop like Jurassic 5 and Deltron 3030. Gogol Bordello is always a good time. Cobra Skulls, crappy name, great punk band. And we would betray ourselves if we didn't mention Skankin' Pickle.
    We love every song on our iPod until it comes on, then ~skip~.

  9. Bonnie Raitt, Dr. Hook, Don Henley,Eagles, Moody Blues, Meatloaf, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Beatles, just to name a few. Mostly all classic 70 rockers.

  10. i also like Radiohead. But i prefer the good old classic rock tracks!

  11. Didn't one of the Two Fat Ladies die a few years back? Anyway, you've reminded me that I need to get another last fm account. I deleted my last one when my laptop got stolen because I was so afraid of my average plays per day going down (yes, I'm that shallow). As for the music I listen to, you should know from my posts, but it's really just stuff from every genre.

  12. Weekend at Bernie's 2 and Two Fat Ladies would be an epic combo.

  13. Workingman's Dead is a sweet album whether you hate the Dead or not.

  14. I don't tell the homies that I listen to Green Day, My Chemical Romance...pretty much anything besides rap! They already call me a flaming Oreo for watching Friends...I gotta keep my street cred by living a lie by saying how much I just love Rick Ross and T.I....I barely know who they are! Being black sucks sometimes lol

  15. I'm not sure what you should listen to but you should add some scotch to your diet!

  16. I dislike background music while I work, quite intensely.

  17. When I'm writing I listen to nothing. I plant my ass at my desk, shut out the world and I don't want to hear a damn thing but the characters talking.

    I remember that cooking show. I think they were on some kind of motor bike but I'm not sure.

    Keep going and Happy Writing.

  18. I like almost all kinds of music, although I mostly listen to rock and metal music related artists.

  19. Dude I should un-follow you for putting down weekend at bernies lol I loved that stupid movie as a kid.

    Also <3 Zoe for mentioning the medic droid, such an underrated band

  20. I like all kinds of music, punk, indie, hiphop, rock, jazz

    pretty much anything but pop.

  21. it depends on my mood.Sometime melodies soothe me and sometimes i need rock and pop to activate me.
    But I love all 80-90s hits..I can listen to them allday.
    lady gaga is awesome if I close my eyes I can forgive her for her whackjob wacky hairdos and fashion massacre- she has wonderful voice

  22. The Airborne Toxic Event, Black Keys, Ill Nino, Ratatat, Phantogram, and if you don't mind music in a foreign language (Portuguese, these next few are Brazilian) I would also recommend Charlie Brown Jr., Skank, and Raul Seixas.

    OOOOOH! And Stephen Lynch!

  23. I know this is an older post (and pardon me if I like to stalk) anyway, I suggest City and Colour (and Modest Mouse) I love them! I'm a teacher and sometimes I just need to listen to adult shit.