Saturday, February 5, 2011

Black and Yellow

            Because both of us are busy, we're only giving one quick post this weekend. While Brandon does whatever he has planned with his lady, Meli and I have some adventurous plans of our own. For starters, we're all going out tonight to see the big fight.
           The UFC fight, actually. It sounds like a meathead sport, I know... and it mostly is, but as a jiu jitsu guy, it's fun to see the tactics being used when they aren't just punching each other in the dicks repeatedly. There will be beer, there will be chicken wings, and there will be bullshitting among good friends. Throw that in with some dick punching, and who wouldn't have a great time?
         On top of that, tomorrow is the Super Bowl. I don't really care one way another about either of the teams, but it's a great way to spend time with the one you love, preparing a ton of great junk food, drinking a toxifying amount of beer, and having some playful competition with your sweetie over which team wins.
          We both hope you guys have a great weekend and a great Super Bowl Sunday, and leave you with this thought, since the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose colors are black and yellow, are in the Super Bowl.

             As Mr. Khalifa says, "You know what it is!" Well actually, maybe it's just because I don't speak jive, but no, I don't have any idea what the fuck "it" is.
             So... anyone? What the hell is it?

Stay classy, friends,

Mood: Confused
Beer: Whatever's on special
Shower: No time for that, there's fights and Super Bowls abound

UFC: ur doing it wrong


  1. I'll be rooting for the Packers :)

  2. Enjoy your weekend bros. Go Steelers!

  3. lmfao I'll be pretending I love football so my man won't kick me out of the room and I can STEAL some cuddle time tee he he! I'ma sneaky bitch lol

  4. I'm glad my guy isn't into football to much like me (the American kind) so we'll be spending our SBS watching anime!

  5. I do enjoy this blog thoroughly.

    Whatever beer is on special eh? Thursday's here where I live we have 50 cent beer night. Its quite good fun. Granted its not very expensive beer for a reason.

  6. Bryan...I can watch Superbowls but I cannot justify ever watching UFC fighting where men are stradling other men with their legs wrapped too tight around their crotches. Sorry, this is just not my cup of tea! Hope you and the gf enjoy it and the rest of the weekend.

  7. I love settling down and watching a fresh tf2 demo every once and a while. I guess it's the same thing.

  8. have fun watching the ufc fight brah!

    your friend,

  9. UFC is awesome. I often cringe and hide behind my hands...and their ears....EWWW...but still awesome.


    And if I ever understand what the hell that song is about...I want somebody to shoot me!

  10. "So... anyone? What the hell is it?"

    i believe "it" is a black man urinating.

    that, or a bumblebee.

  11. Hmm Black & Yellow...His eye after his woman caught him cheating?

    Have a Super Day (super bowl is today) and have a toast for all your readers.
    We love you guys.. we really do.

  12. I agree with Lynne.

    enjoy the fighting etc.!

  13. I watched my first Superbowl last year. But admittedly that was just to see the Who at half time.

  14. The Superbowl is great but I'm a Bears fan and the line up is killing me, will probably go with the Steelers.

  15. I can't believe someone made a song about the Steelers.

    @ Kage

    lol, great comment. xD

  16. I saw you were a jiujitsu guy, what did you think of Rocha's movements and transitions in his fight? my mind was blown, only to have my mind blown again by that damn kick!

  17. I don't know "what it is," either.

    All I know is that new music fails to impress me these days, the lyrics are so plain and have basically no meaning.

  18. Late to comment cause of a busy weekend myself! Pretty much for the same reasons :)
    woo Packers up by 11 at the mo!!!

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  19. Bear dick punch...epic! Go Packers!

  20. Uh, I dunno, but for me "it" is definitely not Mr. Khalifa. Wasn't the Steelers either!

  21. lol awesome picture!

  22. black and yellow rebuttal!
    Green and yellow baby superbowl champs!