Friday, January 14, 2011

Brandon's Super Cool Happy Fun Time Blog Post

First off, we'd both like to give a big thanks to Bruce and his 4 super cool blogs for bestowing upon us the Life is Good Award.

Life is definitely good. We should also mention that this award comes with some questions you're supposed to answer, but these questions seem to have a lot of depth, and one thing we can both assure you is that we have little to no depth. We can also assure you that, per the questions, we are certainly not anonymous in our blogging, and that you can learn most of the answers to these questions just by reading our posts (like 'what do I see in the mirror?' - a black eye and a thick, bitchin set of hair - Bryan).

So if you haven't checked out Bruce and his many blogs, do it. He's trying to quit smoking at the moment, so if he isn't currently on a rooftop, being coaxed down by a SWAT team, then stop by and say hi (and good luck with all that). And thanks again for the award!

With that said, I haven’t had any free time lately, so it looks like today’s blog post is going to be a little anorexic, which is ironic, considering the content.
On the plus side, I get to showcase my deft artistic skills. Behold…I give you the breathtaking rendition of the man I sat next to on my last subway ride. Literally, it was breathtaking (Note the undulating stink waves).

Not trying to offend anybody, but if I had to guess, this dude was probably clocking in at the 500-550lb. range. No joke. In my head, I called him Houdini. Not only because his mobility defied the laws of physics, but also because with one swift plop, he made an entire bench seat and one unlucky Puerto Rican kid magically disappear. All I could do was wince as the suffocating torrent of Spanish curses slowly choked to an end. Dios mio! Reason #12 it pays not to fall asleep on public transportation.
Music: The Magnetic Fields
Beer: Wishful thinking. If I could have one right now, it would be a Smithwick’s.


  1. Hey Congrats. Bruce is one really cool guy and I was his first follower on one of his blogs. Glad I followed him. He never disappoints and as long as I've been following this blog it never disappoints either.

  2. awww thanks Barb!

    and Bryan and Brandon...congrats!
    and dudes!

    fix that beer situation!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  3. Cool post and interesting links :)

  4. honest to goodness LOL'd at that picture! hahaha.

  5. I have to say I love the artwork. Very insightful.

  6. You should make motivationals - that would be great on the back of a bathroom door.

  7. this is why i take pride in vehicle ownership!
    also, i keep anonymous in my blogging but i respect those who don't.

  8. bahahaha "an unlucky puerto Rican kid" xD great post as always good sir!

    anyways, here's my blog if anyone's interested; just random posts about things i find interesting: (:feedback is appreciated:)

  9. Congrats!
    Also, good use of stink lines, lol

  10. Hey guys - CONGRATS on the award!

    What would our blogs be like if it wasn’t for Houdini’s and PR kids – really?

    I toast both of you and your many sources of inspiration!

    (Thanks for dropping by and checking me out!)

  11. Yeah I know the feeling. There was this one girl that I went to high school with, she was nice but huge. And I hated smelling anything when I was around her because it smelled horrible.

  12. haha oh man the subway, cheered me up :D

  13. Hahaha- First love Sucio's advice!!
    Bruce is an awesome dude. We say we are going to make our pens collide and write something but will have to wait until after the Nicotine withdrawl.

    You ( I never know if I am talking to you or the brother-so confusing) both are great writers so, CONGRATS!!!

  14. Congratz!
    loved the sketch as well...made me laugh...great blog to follow!


  15. interesting post :D keep it up

  16. *sob* that puerto rican kid was my sponsor child.

    never sent me anything, though. the little shit.

  17. i've sponsored people to. very thoughtful thing to do

  18. this whole post made me think of the movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape".. I kept seeing the mother sitting next to you on the bus haha...

  19. LOL that is some fine artwork