Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No job, no prob

         So it's been a while since I last posted, because I lost my job. I know what you're thinking; he's been soaking in a tub that must mostly be his own urine now, while sobbing brokenly and sipping at a soggy old beer. But I'm not. I'm raising my glass in celebration. All I've lost is an income that was unacceptable for my schooling/resume/skill level, and a 45-50 hour, week long coma at a job that hasn't challenged me in years.
         It was quite the routine; I showed up in the morning, logged onto my computer, and stared at a screen for 9 hours. Sometimes I wrote e-mails, sometimes I fiddled with computer programs, and sometimes, when I was caught up, I wrote. I excelled at my job, to the point of being routinely bored, and was not often challenged. My brain, rather than being exercised, was being liquefied by dull, repetitive tasks, and so at the end of the day I left with a brain full of mush, and came home to my fiance like a zombie, or a robot, or Keanu Reeves.
          So my sanity has been restored, as I look for what opportunity comes my way next. I hope it's writing full time and living the life of a literary rock star, but since that's certainly not a guarantee, consider my options anything from IT (again), to janitor, to male nurse, to who knows what. Maybe next time you'll see me I'll be standing in the doorway at Wal-mart, waving, next to the decrepit 90 year old man whose title is 'greeter' but really has no air of friendliness about him. Only time will tell.
          In the meanwhile, I'll raise my glass high, enjoy a few dollars off of the government's teat, and complete (hopefully) more writing that I've done before in my life. Or get sucked into daytime talk shows and resume my career as Keanu Reeves.
          Judge Judy is on. ...Whoa...


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  1. My fave actor is Keanu Reeves. Maybe that says something about me...
    Brilliant, as per usual!
    Well, I'm using ur blog to avoid turning into a empty-headed brain-devourer...
    Lucky Americans. You guys get Judge Judy.
    The British get Cash In the Attic.